Our Store

Although there is no Martha, the name 'Martha's Backyard' originates from an amalgamation of thoughts reflecting the philosophy of our store.

The name 'Martha' is synonymous with America and we named our business after three famous Marthas. Firstly, we thought of Martha Washington - known for her integrity. Secondly, Martha's Vineyard for its beauty and thirdly, after 'you know who' Martha for creativity.

All of the products we source are genuine, brand new and are often unique. They are all sourced in America.

The goal of Martha's Backyard has always been to provide products you can't easily find in New Zealand, bringing a taste of home to Americans and something new to others, all at reasonable prices.

A positive by-product of Martha's Backyard has been that families in America no longer have to ship goods to their loved ones down under - nor do you have to carry them back in your luggage (with obvious spill consequences!). The entire food section has developed over time and continues to evolve as a result of customer requests and suggestions - which we love to receive!

What we didn't realise when we started out was the level of support you would give us - and for which we are very grateful.

Thank you,

Stu & Sandy